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Praetor Vitio falls on July 21st, 2015!
Tuesday July 21 2015 - submitted by Zunnoab at 11:14pm 0 Comments

Great work, on to further events!
Heroes and Infinite Elysium are one!
Sunday March 08 2015 - submitted by Zunnoab at 03:46pm 0 Comments

Since January Heroes and Infinite Elysium have been working together. We have broken into Arx Mentis and have CotF on a very solid farm. We are now officially merged!

Great job, let's keep pressing forward together!
Teamwork prevails versus the first raid of The Darkened Sea on February 22, 2015!
Saturday February 28 2015 - submitted by Danladil at 11:11am 0 Comments

The combined teamwork of Heroes and Infinite Elysium has broken into Arx Mentis! Great job, and let's keep pressing forward wherever the future may bring us! Persistence prevails!

Great job everyone, regardless of whether or not you were in this particular instance, had to log before the victory, or if these screenshots missed you. It is the combined teamwork that made this possible!
Infinite Elysium beats Call of the Forsaken on August 27, 2014!
Wednesday August 27 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 09:41pm 0 Comments

Great job!
Infinite Elysium clears a second T2 event! Burn Out down July 27th, 2014!
Sunday August 03 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 08:14pm 0 Comments

Keep it up!
Infinite Elysium enters T2 CoF! Lord Bayle falls July 22, 2014!
Tuesday July 22 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 10:49pm 0 Comments

Great job keep it up!
Keep it up!
Wednesday March 05 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 10:30pm 1 Comment

All of the T3 + T4 main bosses plus all of current CoF on lockout! Good job!
Infinite Elysium completes CoF T1B on January 28 2014!
Wednesday January 29 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 12:43am 0 Comments

Great job! We have now completed all current CoF events!

Three down, and one to go! IE clears Pelzia\'s Plot, The Legacy of Bayle, and The Defense of Lendiniara!
Monday January 27 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 04:45am 0 Comments

Great job, on Sunday January 26th 2014 we took down:

Prior to that on Saturday January 25th 2014:

One more to go!
Houses of Thex completed by Infinite Elysium 01-19-14!
Sunday January 19 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 09:59pm 0 Comments

Great job getting down the first set of raids!

In other news, on Friday IE cleared the corrupted Temple of Veeshan, defeating Vulak to fully complete the zone!