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Hour 3
Wed 04.16 08:34 AM

Hour 3 Credit (no targets up)

Hour 2
Wed 04.16 08:33 AM

Hour 2 Credit (no targets up)

Hour 1
Wed 04.16 08:32 AM

Neriak: Houses of Thex
Tunic of Suppressed EtherTunic of Suppressed EtherLeather Girdle of Girded LionJerard the Doll of Silent ConfessionsNaythox's Keeper of OrderDragoon's Crusher

Hour 3
Tue 04.15 02:36 AM

We ended early with all of our CotF farm on lockout excellent work!

Hour 2
Tue 04.15 02:35 AM

Bixie Warfront Saving Jacyll great job!
Gloves of Suppressed EtherDurable Chitin PauldronsShadowed SpauldersLampyrid StilettoGloves of Suppressed Ether

Keep it up!
Wednesday March 05 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 10:30pm 0 Comments

All of the T3 + T4 main bosses plus all of current CoF on lockout! Good job!
Infinite Elysium completes CoF T1B on January 28 2014!
Wednesday January 29 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 12:43am 0 Comments

Great job! We have now completed all current CoF events!

Three down, and one to go! IE clears Pelzia\'s Plot, The Legacy of Bayle, and The Defense of Lendiniara!
Monday January 27 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 04:45am 0 Comments

Great job, on Sunday January 26th 2014 we took down:

Prior to that on Saturday January 25th 2014:

One more to go!
Houses of Thex completed by Infinite Elysium 01-19-14!
Sunday January 19 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 09:59pm 0 Comments

Great job getting down the first set of raids!

In other news, on Friday IE cleared the corrupted Temple of Veeshan, defeating Vulak to fully complete the zone!
Saving Jacyll completed by Infinite Elysium 01-12-14!
Monday January 13 2014 - submitted by Zunnoab at 11:25am 0 Comments

Don't let up! Keep pushing in force, and on to Neriak!
Xulous Prime (Dead Hills) down to IE 12/1/2013!
Sunday December 01 2013 - submitted by Zunnoab at 09:15pm 0 Comments

Great job everyone! After clearing Heart of Fear again Saturday, we returned to CoF to take down Xulous Prime for the first time! Onward we go!
Infinite Elysium completes Heart of Fear, Rain of Fear progression! 11/17/2013
Sunday November 17 2013 - submitted by Zunnoab at 08:19pm 0 Comments

Great job! Onward we go!
Memories of the Faceless down 11-3-2013!
Monday November 04 2013 - submitted by Zunnoab at 10:07am 0 Comments

IE Enters CoF! The Doomscale Horde down 10-23-2013!
Wednesday October 23 2013 - submitted by Zunnoab at 09:36pm 0 Comments

Into the Heart of Fear! Glimpse, The Unseen down 10-5-2013!
Sunday October 06 2013 - submitted by Zunnoab at 01:23pm 0 Comments

Good job breaking into Tier 4!

(The second phantom banner is a semi-uncommon bug.)

In other news, a few weeks ago the "mini" event The Darkness fell, and on 9-8-2013 Infinite Elysium completed Tier 3!