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Infinite Elysium defeats Anashti Sul, Lady of Life on June 2nd, 2016!
Friday June 03 2016 - submitted by Zunnoab at 07:14pm 0 Comments

Amazing focus! Keep it up!
Infinite Elysium defeats Grannus of the Cleansing Steam, clearing the Ruins of Lxanvom on May 22nd, 2016!
Sunday May 22 2016 - submitted by Zunnoab at 08:44pm 0 Comments

Amazing job, keep it up!
Infinite Elysium defeats Emollious on April 17th, 2016!
Sunday April 17 2016 - submitted by Zunnoab at 11:00pm 0 Comments

Great job, into T2 we go!
Infinite Elysium resists Wither and Decay on March 2nd, 2016!
Tuesday March 08 2016 - submitted by Zunnoab at 05:50pm 0 Comments

a dracoliche falls to Infinite Elysium on February 25th, 2016!
Thursday February 25 2016 - submitted by Zunnoab at 10:15pm 0 Comments

Great job, keep it up!
Infinite Elysium completes TBM era Plane of Hate on February 10th, 2016!
Thursday February 11 2016 - submitted by Zunnoab at 12:41am 0 Comments

Great job!

Also over the last few months Captain Tita's Ghost fell!

And also the Maestro of Rancor back in November!
Vim and Vigor fell to Infinite Elysium on January 5th, 2016!
Tuesday January 05 2016 - submitted by Zunnoab at 09:16pm 0 Comments

Great job! This is a nice star to the new year!
Principal Indagatrix Lucia fell to Infinite Elysium on November 11th, 2015!
Wednesday November 11 2015 - submitted by Zunnoab at 10:52pm 0 Comments

Great job everyone! 4/5 progression events down!
Principal Quastori Numicia down on September 27th, 2015!
Sunday September 27 2015 - submitted by Zunnoab at 08:54pm 1 Comment

On the cusp of victory, moments before the win!

Great job! Keep it up!
Infinite Elysium turned five years old August 17th, 2015!
Tuesday August 18 2015 - submitted by Zunnoab at 11:27pm 2 Comments

Quite a few years ago now, there were two Stromm guilds called Final Door and Asylum's Edge. Through events long having since passed, those guilds' raid forces came to be tagged Final Horizon and Haven's Edge, who along with a group of new members who joined during the merge formed Infinite Elysium. A sizable chunk of players from the guild Ethereal Kindred also joined while IE was progressing through the Veil of Alaris expansion, though there was no formal merge. Over the years many people have joined Infinite Elysium, all just as important a part of the guild as the parent guilds, and earlier this year Heroes also merged with Infinite Elysium. Infinite Elysium is the combination of Final Horizon, Haven's Edge, Heroes, a group of notable size from Ethereal Kindred, and many other people who have joined at the founding and over the years. The leadership and active roster in general has seen many changes over the years, but that continued perseverance has brought us to this day.

Five years ago both Final Horizon and Haven's Edge were stuck in a rut as many were when it came to Underfoot progression. Neither guild usually filled raids, yet both had the final zone of Seeds of Destruction on farm. Final Horizon had all of SoD down and Fippy Darkpaw in Underfoot on farm, while Haven's Edge had kept the end zone of SoD on farm, unable to get a foot into Underfoot. After a period of discussion, the the guilds merged together to form Infinite Elysium on August 17th, 2010. In addition several brand new applicants joined around the same time, and those people were part of the birth of the merged guild.

Five years ago today, on August 18th, we had our first raid as a merged force. Numbers are never to be taken for granted, and understandably we had a surge of players return at the news of the merger. We actually held three simultaneous SoD Tower of Discord raids at the same time! The next day it had to be reduced to two to complete the final events, but it was still quite the turnout. Mere days after merge Infinite Elysium took out The Beast in Underfoot, and from there over the years with both times we sailed along and more difficult times, we have persevered to make it to today. Along the way many joined the ranks of the guild and a couple years ago a notable number of people from Ethereal Kindred joined, after its merger with Cestus Dei came to an end. Over the years there have been times of great strength and more difficult times, and last winter took a toll on our ability to progress, unable to field a force strong enough to overcome the first raid in The Darkened Sea. It turned out the guild Heroes also had trouble filling out its raid roster, and so Heroes joined the merger this year and since then we have progressed into Arx Mentis. All of the guilds and players that form Infinite Elysium have their own histories, all just as important as the others, but together we continue to persevere.

Keep it up!

(If there is anything I got wrong or should add to this, please let me know! Five years and hundreds of people is more than I'd ever remember perfectly, and if there are any things that need mentioning please let me know and I'll edit it in!)